I See Myself In My Grandmother’s Hands, 2022

I See Myself In My Grandmother’s Hands, 2022.
Last time I saw my grandma we compared hand sizes and crookedness, and she was showing me the ways which her fingertips bend and how she’d never noticed it happening. So I made her hand (crookedness and all) with a mirror in its palm, so I can see myself in her.

Everything Taken Care Of collaboration!

A while ago, I was asked by local Wakey brand ETCO (Everything Taken Care Of) to design some t-shirts for their A/W22 collection, and this is what we came up with. I had so much fun making these, and I’m thrilled a Wakefield company was my first brand collaboration! You can buy a t-shirt here if you want to.



Here’s some things I’ve been up to: I did my first residency (thank you to Insert Studios for funding the making of Heirloom, my lovely little pink tree), I’ve made lots of new work including a paper crown, some frames of various shapes and sizes, and lots and lots of new drawings. I got a new sketchbook and brush pen that I’ve just started using, and I’ve been experimenting a lot with Procreate! I always forget to update things here – I do so many drawings and projects and tend not to dwell on them when they’re finished. But I need to get better at recognising my accomplishments, so here we are; some new work, a residency, and other stuff that I’ve already forgotten about. It’s going well!