Señor Bat here to tell you a little something…

In an exercise to destroy the idea of perfection, I uploaded a couple of demos to soundcloud that are of songs I’ve written. They were recorded on my phone, the timing’s a little off and both my singing and guitar playing are a little sketchy. Yet, they’re still on the internet for basically anyone to listen to. Turns out it’s not too difficult to disobey the laws of perfection after all.

How to Be Magic – it’s here!

After many long hours of drawing and pouring every inch of detail and good stuff I could into this mini zine, it’s here and available (to buy, that is). And you can buy it here!

Here’s the cover, and a preview of two of the pages…

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Anyway, I’m off to make more stuff and drink milkshake. See you soon!


How to be Magic | COMING SOON

A mini-zine handcrafted by Yours Truly. A scientifically factual statement of precisely how to be magic* accompanied by illustrations.

*that isn’t true at all, please don’t sue.