This is what the Frida prints look like…

Now in the dark of February rains, 
Poor lovers of the sunshine, spring is born, 
The earthy fields are full of hidden corn, 
And March’s violets bud along the lanes; 

Therefore with joy believe in what remains. 
And thou who dost not feel them, do not scorn 
Our early songs for winter overworn, 
And faith in God’s handwriting on the plains. 

‘Hope’ writes he, ‘Love’ in the first violet,
‘Joy,’ even from Heaven, in songs and winds and trees;
And having caught the happy words in these
While Nature labours with the letters yet,
Spring cannot cheat us, though her
be broken,
Nor leave us, for we know what God hath spoken.

– George MacDonald

Kirkstall Art Trail 2019

Kirkstall Abbey’s 2019 art trail was a success! I was situated in a little pub, a 10 minute walk away from the historic Abbey, and I shared a corner with a very talented illustrator called Sophie (from Cat and Pencil). The weather was warm, the drinks were poured, and inspiration was passed around like it’ll never run out. A massive thank you to everyone who came along and took interest in what I do… You’re a part of my big surrealist dream now. Don’t worry, it’s nice and there’s loads of room.



Frida Kahlo, Mary Shelley, Rosa Luxemburg, and Hedy Lamarr, all iconified by Yours Truly in a series aiming to serve as a little antidote to the way women are presented in the media.

More phases to follow, more women to celebrate, more drawings to be made.

Prints for sale here. Thank you for supporting my work!