MARCH 2020

MARCH 16th 2020

Rochelle Asquith

by Rochelle Asquith, 2020

Rochelle Asquith

by Rochelle Asquith

To take my mind of this pandemic thing, I drew this, then made prints of it so I could hold the warm, freshly printed paper up to my face and feel like Mark Corrigan in Peep Show. Available to buy here with international shipping and free UK shipping across the whole shop, too. 

MARCH 11th 2020

Dearly detested, my eternal enemies, and recent rivals,

I have caved in to peer pressure and created an instagram account. I even drew it for you so you could see it without having to go on the app. You can follow me here if you want, or if you don’t, I suppose that’s fine. Whatever. 

Yours wretchedly,
Rochelle Asquith

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