Here’s some things I’ve been up to: I did my first residency (thank you to Insert Studios for funding the making of Heirloom, my lovely little pink tree), I’ve made lots of new work including a paper crown, some frames of various shapes and sizes, and lots and lots of new drawings. I got a new sketchbook and brush pen that I’ve just started using, and I’ve been experimenting a lot with Procreate! I always forget to update things here – I do so many drawings and projects and tend not to dwell on them when they’re finished. But I need to get better at recognising my accomplishments, so here we are; some new work, a residency, and other stuff that I’ve already forgotten about. It’s going well!



MARCH 2020

MARCH 16th 2020

Rochelle Asquith

by Rochelle Asquith, 2020

Rochelle Asquith

by Rochelle Asquith

To take my mind of this pandemic thing, I drew this, then made prints of it so I could hold the warm, freshly printed paper up to my face and feel like Mark Corrigan in Peep Show. Available to buy here with international shipping and free UK shipping across the whole shop, too.