MARCH 2020

MARCH 11th 2020

Dearly detested, my eternal enemies, and recent rivals,

I have caved in to peer pressure and created an instagram account. I even drew it for you so you could see it without having to go on the app. You can follow me here if you want, or if you don’t, I suppose that’s fine. Whatever. 

Yours wretchedly,
Rochelle Asquith

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Simeon the Bat – PRINTS

Simeon the Bat is a bat who loves the Victorian era so much, that he wears a huge cape and a ruff. His favourite fruit is blood orange, and he drinking juice in the graveyard. Limited edition prints are available to purchase here.


This is what the Frida prints look like…

Now in the dark of February rains, 
Poor lovers of the sunshine, spring is born, 
The earthy fields are full of hidden corn, 
And March’s violets bud along the lanes; 

Therefore with joy believe in what remains. 
And thou who dost not feel them, do not scorn 
Our early songs for winter overworn, 
And faith in God’s handwriting on the plains. 

‘Hope’ writes he, ‘Love’ in the first violet,
‘Joy,’ even from Heaven, in songs and winds and trees;
And having caught the happy words in these
While Nature labours with the letters yet,
Spring cannot cheat us, though her
be broken,
Nor leave us, for we know what God hath spoken.

– George MacDonald

February 18th: sketchbook

Rochelle Asquith

Weather appropriate sketchbook doodle


Rochelle Asquith

Just Married by Rochelle Asquith, ink on paper, 2020

Rochelle Asquith

Do You Doubt Me Traitor by Rochelle Asquith, ink on paper, 2020

January 28th: Strawberry Season

Available to buy here 🍓