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Art, Rochelle Asquith, prints, Etsy seller

The full thing

Art, Rochelle Asquith, prints, Etsy seller

The full spread

Art, Rochelle Asquith, prints, Etsy seller

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Just checking in to give you a short and sweet preview of prints to come… in the meantime, it would help me enormously if you could support me & my artwork by buying something already at my store.

Thank you, merci, tusen takk, grazie etc etc

All The World Is A Stage 29/3/19

On Friday the 29th of March I was lucky enough to be part of Kaur and Baleem Creatives‘ first event: All The World Is A Stage! THANK YOU to everyone who came by, read my artist’s statement, looked at my little doodles, even to the two women who stood in front of it for two hours enjoying the radiator heat. And a massive thanks to Sonam and Aamta for hosting the whole thing and being so welcoming.

Rochelle Asquith, blackwork, photography

Photo from the night: a bloke enjoying my work




Full view of all the pieces!


There’s no monthly round up of art, I’m afraid, because (good news ahead) most of what I’ve made over February, and of what I’m making over the next few weeks will be used in a show. The show is on the 29th of March, at Left Bank in Leeds, and you can get tickets in the many bios of Kaur and Baleem Creatives social media sites. I can’t wait to see people’s faces as the survey my weird little doodles, and I hope to see yours among them. In the mean time, please enjoy this picture of my cat.