Here’s some things I’ve been up to: I did my first residency (thank you to Insert Studios for funding the making of Heirloom, my lovely little pink tree), I’ve made lots of new work including a paper crown, some frames of various shapes and sizes, and lots and lots of new drawings. I got a new sketchbook and brush pen that I’ve just started using, and I’ve been experimenting a lot with Procreate! I always forget to update things here – I do so many drawings and projects and tend not to dwell on them when they’re finished. But I need to get better at recognising my accomplishments, so here we are; some new work, a residency, and other stuff that I’ve already forgotten about. It’s going well!




JULY 2020

APRIL 2020

How to be Magic | COMING SOON

A mini-zine handcrafted by Yours Truly. A scientifically factual statement of precisely how to be magic* accompanied by illustrations.

*that isn’t true at all, please don’t sue.


There’s no roundup of art this month, for many reasons, involving a camping trip, lack of pens and ink, and a general feeling that August seems to have slipped through my fingers before I’ve even realised the month has started and now ended. This whole month has been like that feeling, when you get to 4pm and realise you’ve done nothing all day. Douglas Adams called it ‘Farnham’. (I’m still unsure as to whether Farnham is a verb or a noun, or a funny pun based on the Australian singer. Will report back as soon as I know.) And, to be honest, I’m not really sure what I’m doing with this website, or what I want to post on it. Anyway, this month hasn’t been completely fruitless. I have drawn some things, I’ve taken some time off and come back full of inspiration and all lovely things, and been asked to curate the first volume of a magazine. So that’s something. I have become hooked on Philosophy Tube, too, but that’s not entirely relevant. Here are some pictures of the ocean. Someone once said to me, “salt water is the cure for everything: tears, sweat, or the ocean.” He wasn’t trying to be profound but that phrase found its way into the part of my brain reserved for Profound Things like Oscar Wilde quotes and songs by Bon Iver. And that quote lives there too. I hope you’ve had the most wonderful August and will go on to have an even better September. This time next month there will be art!


There’s no monthly round up of art, I’m afraid, because (good news ahead) most of what I’ve made over February, and of what I’m making over the next few weeks will be used in a show. The show is on the 29th of March, at Left Bank in Leeds, and you can get tickets in the many bios of Kaur and Baleem Creatives social media sites. I can’t wait to see people’s faces as the survey my weird little doodles, and I hope to see yours among them. In the mean time, please enjoy this picture of my cat.